Schedule 2023

All times are New York time (EDT; UTC/GMT-4)

Sessions begin promptly at the scheduled time; Zoom sessions open ten minutes prior to start time

Wednesday – May 31

9:10 Welcome & announcements

Session 1 (9:15–10:30)

Michael Gorman, Catholic University of America

Thoughts On Pasnau’s “On What There Is in Aquinas”

10:30-11:00 Break

Session 2 (11:00–12:15)

Jeff Brower, Purdue University

Aquinas on Bodily Place without Incorporeal Space

12:15–14:15 Midday break

Session 3 (14:15–15:30)

Mary Sirridge, Louisiana State University

Boethius of Denmark on Time and Tense

15:30-15:45 Short break

Session 4 (15:45-17:00)

Jacob Tuttle, Georgetown University

Is Efficient Causation Intensional? Suarez on Per Se and Per Accidens Efficient Causation

Dinner (18:00)

Gowanus Gardens, 256 4th Ave., Brooklyn

Thursday – June 1

9:10 Welcome & announcements

Session 5 (9:15–10:30)

Jordan Lavender, Purdue University

Could an Angel See Your Thoughts?

Adam Wodeham and Hugolino of Orvieto on the Privacy of Intentionality

10:30-11:00 Break

Session 6 (11:00–12:15)

Kamil Majcherek, Trinity College, Cambridge (zoom)

Bernard of Auvergne’s (fl. ca. 1305) Ontology of Number and Its Discontents

12:15–14:15 Midday break

Session 7 (14:15–15:30)

Susan Brower-Toland, St Louis University

Ockham’s Physics-First Nominalism

15:30-15:45 Short break

Session 8 (15:45-17:00)

Nate Bultuis, St Joseph’s University

Ontology and Ockham’s Account of Truth Conditions for Tensed Propositions


Bogota Latin Bistro, 141 Fifth Avenue, Brooklyn

Friday – June 2

9:10 Welcome & announcements

Session 9 (9:15–10:30)

Caleb Cohoe, Metropolitan State University

Augustine’s De Trinitate as a Protrepticus: The Christian Pursuit of Wisdom

10:30-11:00 Break

Session 10 (11:00–12:15)

Giorgio Pini, Fordham University

Augustine and the Beggar

12:15–14:15 Midday break

Session 11 (14:15–15:30)

Andre Martin, McGill University

What Makes for an “Augustinian” Psychology?

A Survey of Later Medieval Views on Sensation, from Aquinas to Auriol

15:30-15:45 Short break

Session 12 (15:45-17:00)

Philip Choi, KU Leuven

When is Ignorance an Excuse? Two Scholastic Perspectives

Dinner (17:30)

Windsor Tavern, 256 Prospect Park West (at Prospect Avenue), Brooklyn