2001 Summer Colloquium


E. Jennifer Ashworth, University of Waterloo

Charles Brittain, Cornell University

Chris Brown, St Louis University

Jeff Brower, Purdue University

Susan Brower-Toland, Cornell University

Jonathan Evans, University of Nebraska, Lincoln

Jeff Hause, St John’s Seminary College

Terence Irwin, Cornell University

Bonnie Kent, Syracuse University/University of California, Irvine

Robert Kraynak, Colgate University

Scott MacDonald, Cornell University

Colleen McCluskey, St Louis University

Creighton Rosental, University of Massachusetts, Amherst/Cornell University

Christina Van Dyke, Calvin College/University of Portland

Kate Waidler, Cornell University

Jim Wetzel, Colgate University


Thursday, May 31


12:30-2:00   Lunch (for those present and willing)


2:00-2:15 Announcements


2:15-3:30Creighton Rosental,

Univ of Massachusetts, Amherst/Cornell Univ

The Role of the Five Ways in Faith


3:30-4:00  Break


4:00-5:30 Terry Irwin, Cornell University

The Strange History of the Honestum


6:30  Picnic at Stewart Park


Friday, June 1


9:00-10:15Christina Van Dyke,

Calvin College/Univ. of Portland

Human Persons and Human Bodies in Aquinas


10:15-10:45  Break


10:45-12:00Bob Kraynak, Colgate University

He Wrestles with Angels: John Finnis Rereads Thomas

Aquinas on Natural Law


12:00-1:30  Lunch


1:30-2:45Jeff Brower, Purdue University

Abelard on the Trinity


2:45-3:00 Short break


3:00-4:15Jim Wetzel, Colgate University

Will and Interiority in Augustine: Travels in an Unlikely Space


4:15-4:45 Break


4:45-6:00Scott MacDonald, Cornell University

Divided Will and Moral Identity: Augustine’s Thinking about Moral Conflict


7:15  Pizza  at Scott MacDonald’s (130 Sunset Drive)


Saturday, June 2


9:00-10:15Colleen McCluskey, St Louis University

Intellective Appetite and Freedom: A Reply to Thomas Williams


10:15-10:45  Break


10:45-12:00Chris Brown, St Louis University

Aquinas on the Individuation of Non-living Substances


12:00-1:30  Lunch


1:30-2:45Jenny Ashworth, University of Waterloo

Proper Names and Vague Individuals


2:45-3:15  Break


3:15-4:30Jonathan Evans,

University of Nebraska, Lincoln

Boethius and the Hidden Logical Problem of Future Contingents in the Consolation of Philosophy


7:00  Dinner at Hai Hong Chinese Restaurant

(602 W. State St.–corner of State and Meadow)