Participants 2022

[ * = presenting]

Toni Alimi, Cornell University

*Claus Andersen, University of South Bohemia – “Angelo Volpe on ‘esse cognitum’ – The Beginnings of a Debate in 17th-Century Scotism”

Deborah Black, University of Toronto

Jeff Brower, Purdue University

*Susan Brower-Toland, St Louis University – “Subjectivity and Activity: Olivi on Consciousness and the Soul”

Francesca Bruno, University of Pennsylvania

*Nate Bulthuis, St Joseph’s University – “Correspondence and Co-Supposition: Walter Burley on Truth”

*Sarah Byers, Boston College – “Augustine’s So-Called ‘Divine Illumination’ Theory of Knowledge”

Philip Choi, Purdue University / KU Leuven

Ashley Comstock, College of St. Scholastica

Diego Espinoza, Catholic University of America

Russell Friedman, KU Leuven

Daniel Gallagher, Cornell University

Andy Galloway, Cornell University

Nadja Germann, Universität Freiburg

Peter Hartman, Loyola University, Chicago

*Jeffrey Hause, Creighton University – “Love Thy Neighbor with a Heavy Heart: Aquinas on the Value of Mercy”

Daniel Heider, University of South Bohemia

Andrew Hicks, Cornell University

Vikram Kumar, Cornell University

Jordan Lavender, University of Notre Dame

Can Löwe, Humbolt Universität, Berlin

Scott MacDonald, Cornell University – “Augustine on Divine Presence”

Colleen McCluskey, St Louis University

Paul Medeiros, Salve Regina University

*Seyed Mousavian, Loyola University, Chicago – “Avicenna, the Impossibilia, and The Letter

*Stephen Ogden, Notre Dame University – “Al-Ghazali on taqlīd

Sam Pell, Purdue University

Giorgio Pini, Fordham University

William David Schell, Union Theological Seminary

Mary Sirridge, Louisiana State University

Seth Strickland, Cornell University

*Jacob Tuttle, Gonzaga University – “Aquinas on Action, Passion, and Intrinsic Change”

Andreas Waldstein, University of Notre Dame

Rega Wood, Stanford University