2019 Summer Colloquium


[ * = presenting]

* Jeff Brower, Purdue University – “Thomistic Supersubstantivalism—A Framework for Understanding Medieval Views of Place”

* Susan Brower-Toland, St Louis University – “Conscious Perception in Augustine’s De Trin 11″

* Caleb Cohoe, Metropolitan State University – “Why Augustine Gives Up on Happiness in This Life”

* David Cory, University of Notre Dame – “The Body-Body Interaction Problem and Prime Matter in Thomas Aquinas”

* Therese Cory, University of Notre Dame – “What is the Genus of Intelligibles?  Alexander of Aphrodisias and Thomas Aquinas”

* Antoine Côté, University of Ottawa – “An Early Fourteenth-century Critique of Seminal Reasons”

* Nicolas Faucher, University of Helsinki – “Do the medieval authors defend a kind of moral encroachment in their theories of faith?”

Michael Gorman, Catholic University of America

Peter King, University of Toronto

Vikram Kumar, Munich School of Ancient Philosophy/Cornell University

Gaston LeNotre, Dominican University College

Scott MacDonald, Cornell University

Turner Nevitt, University of San Diego

* Bob Pasnau, University of Colorado, Boulder – “Medieval Modal Spaces”

John Peck, SJ, University of Notre Dame

* Magali Roques, University of Hamburg – “John Duns Scotus on Acts, Intentions and Circumstances”

* Mary Sirridge, Louisiana State University – “Vox and Littera: Robert Kilwardby and Ps.-Kilwardby”

Seth Strickland, Cornell University