2018 Summer Colloquium


Joshua Blander, The King’s College

Kelsey Boor, Fordham University

Jeff Brower, Purdue University – “Aquinas’s Ontology of Motion and Change”

Susan Brower-Toland, St Louis University – “Memory and the Metaphysics of Human Persons: Ockham on the Interim State”

Philip Choi, University of Colorado

Blake Dutton, Loyola University, Chicago – “Augustine on Sensation, Extension, and the Soul”

Peter Hartman, Loyola University, Chicago

Peter King, University of Toronto – “Augustine and Epistemic Honesty”

Joe Krylow, Purdue University

Can Laurens Löwe, KU Leuven – “Thomas Aquinas on Human Action as a Power Exercise”

Scott MacDonald, Cornell University

Jenny Pelletier, KU Leuven – “Ockham on the Ontology of Dominium

Giorgio Pini, Fordham University – “Duns Scotus on analogy”

Machessa Samz, Fordham University

Mary Sirridge, Louisiana State University

Andrew Van Arlig, Brooklyn College – “Unpacking ‘Composition'”

Christina Van Arlig, Calvin College

Thomas Williams, University of South Florida – “Scotus, Intuitionism, and the Third Sense of ‘Natural Law'”

Adam Wood, Wheaton College – “Aquinas on our Incorruptible Souls and Incorporeal Intellects: Ontological Dependence and Explanation”