2015 Summer Colloquium


Jacob Archambault, Fordham University

Charles Brittain, Cornell University

Francesca Bruno, Cornell University

* Nate Bulthuis, Cornell University

* Ashley Dressel, College of St Scholastica – “Aquinas on Vice and Clear-eyed Evil”

* Dominic Farrell, Pontifical Athenaeum Regina Apostolorum – “Aquinas on General Justice”

Scott MacDonald, Cornell University

Rafael Nájera, Brown University

Turner Nevitt, Fordham University, University of San Diego – “Aquinas on the question ‘an sit'”

Stephen Ogden, Yale University

* Robert Pasnau, University of Colorado – “What Medieval Philosophy Missed in Aristotle’s Theory of Perception, and Why It Matters”

* Sydney Penner, Asbury College – “Suárez on Necessary Causes”

Giorgio Pini, Fordham University

Joseph Steineger – Lindenwood University

Zita Toth, Fordham University

Jacob Tuttle, Purdue University

* Shane Wilkins, Fordham University – “Aquinas on Aristotle on Why Being Isn’t a Genus”

* Adam Wood, Wheaton College _ “Teleology in Aquinas’s Theory of Cognition”