2013 Summer Colloquium


Peter Adamson, Univ. of Munich – Al-Razi on the Philosophical Life  (by skype)

Andrew Arlig, Brooklyn College – Mereological Principles for Successive Entities

Deborah Black, University of Toronto – Intentionality and the Knowledge of Separate Substances in Avicenna and Aquinas

Francesca Bruno, Cornell University

Nate Bulthuis, Cornell University – Walter Burley on the Real Proposition

Sarah Byers, Boston College – Is God ‘Being’?  Victorinus and Plotinus in Augustine

Laurent Cesalli, CNRS, University of Geneva – Making sense: Some meanings of ‘meaning’ in medieval (and contemporary) philosophies of language and mind

Therese Cory, Seattle University – Abstraction as Unwrapping, X-Raying, or Actualizing? Aquinas and His Arabic Sources

Antoine Côté, University of Ottawa

Ashley Dressel, University of California, Irvine

Brian Embry, University of Toronto

Laura Gallivan, Mt Allison University

Andrew Galloway, Cornell University

Michael Gorman, Catholic University – Christology, Consistency, and the Pragmatic Aquinas

Andrew Hicks, Cornell University

Bonnie Kent, University of California, Irvine – Peter Olivi and the Problem of Heavenly Freedom

Scott MacDonald, Cornell University

Claudio Majolino, Université de Lille 3 – Making sense: Some meanings of ‘meaning’ in medieval (and contemporary) philosophies of language and mind

Ben Martin, Boston College

Stephen Ogden, Yale University

Martin Pickavé, University of Toronto

Giorgio Pini, Fordham University

Jean Porter, University of Notre Dame

Kara Richardson, Syracuse University – Avicenna and the Principle of Sufficient Reason

Jacob Tuttle, Purdue University

Mary Sirridge, Louisiana State University – Logicians on “relatives as grammarians understand them”

Christina Van Dyke, Calvin College – You Can’t Handle the Truth: Realism and the Beatific Vision

Rob Wisnovsky, McGill University – Varieties of Avicennism in the early commentaries on Avicenna’s *Isharat*

Dave Zettel, Cornell University