2010 Summer Colloquium


Andrew Arlig, Brooklyn College – Identity and Parthood According to Some Medieval Philosophers

Deborah Black, University of Toronto

Josh Blander, UCLA/Loyola Marymount University – Coming Apart at the Same: Scotus on Separability

Susan Brower-Toland, St Louis University – Ockham on Self-Consciousness and Self-Knowledge

Charles Brittain, Cornell University

Francesca Bruno, Cornell University

Nate Bulthuis, Cornell University

Sarah Byers, Boston College – Some Augustinian Arguments About Bodies, God, and Angels

Jed Delahoussaye, Southern Illinois University – Scotus on Charity and Sacrifice

Christophe Erismann, University of Helsinki – Explaining Resemblance: Gilbert of Poitiers and Alan of Lille’s Conformitas Theory Reconsidered

Hester Gelber, Stanford University

Bernd Goehring, University of Notre Dame

Michael Gorman, Catholic Univ. of America – Reduplication in Aquinas’s Christology

Jeffrey Hause, Creighton University – A Charitable Interpretation of Justice

Tobias Hoffmann, Catholic Univ. of America – The Will as Vis Collativa: Duns Scotus on Quasi-Cognitive Functions of the Will

Bonnie Kent, UC, Irvine – Hidden Dispositions in the History of Ethics

Erik Kenyon, Cornell University

Peter King, University of Toronto – Augustine on Pears and Perversity

Matthew Klemm, Ithaca College

Timothy Lopez Jr, UC, Irvine

Scott MacDonald, Cornell University

Gareth Matthews, UMass Amherst

Colleen McCluskey, St Louis University – Is There Truly Malice in Aquinas?

Stephen Ogden, Yale University

Sydney Penner, Cornell University

Giorgio Pini, Fordham University

Michael Siebert, University of Toronto

Mary Sirridge, Louisiana State University

Christina Van Dyke, Calvin College

Rega Wood, Stanford University – What Price the Horror of the Vacuum? Interstitial Vacua and Aristotelian Science

Dave Zettel, Cornell University