2009 Summer Colloquium


Andrew Arlig, Brooklyn College – Abelard on Material Constitution

Deborah Black, University of Toronto – Some Thing in Avicenna

David Bradshaw, Univ. of Kentucky – The Concept of the Divine Energies

Nate Bulthuis, Cornell University

Jed Delahoussaye, Southern Illinois Univ.

Peter Eardley, University of Guelph – Some Sources for Scotus’s Theory of the Will as a Rational Potency

Jeffrey Hause, Creighton University – Aquinas on Weakness, Fear, and Voluntariness

Erik Kenyon, Cornell University

Matthew Klemm, Ithaca College – Philosophical Psychology and Medicine in Peter of Abano and Others

Stephen Krogh, Duquesne University

Rachel Lu, Univ. of St Thomas/Cornell – Virtue in Heaven

Scott MacDonald, Cornell University – Augustine’s Philosophical Reading of Scripture

Gareth Matthews, UMass, Amherst – Augustine and Avicenna on Souls in the Afterlife

Stephen Ogden, Yale/Notre Dame

Sydney Penner, Cornell University – Free and Rational: Suárez on the Will

Martin Pickavé, University of Toronto

Kara Richardson, Syracuse University – Making and Making Be in Avicenna and Descartes

Michael Siebert, University of Toronto

Mary Sirridge, Louisiana State University – Supposition and the Fallacy of Figure of speech in the Abstractiones

Christina Van Dyke, Calvin College

Kate Waidler, Wheaton College

Thomas Williams, University of South Florida – Scotus’s Action Theory

David Zettel, Cornell University