2003 Summer Colloquium


Andrew Arlig, The Ohio State University

John Boler, University of Washington (emeritus)

Charles Brittain, Cornell University

Jeff Brower, Purdue University

Susan Brower-Toland, St. Louis University

Bernd Goehring, Cornell University

Jeff Hause, Creighton University

Peter King, The Ohio State University

Neil Lewis, Georgetown University

Scott MacDonald, Cornell University

Gareth Matthews, University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Colleen McCluskey, St. Louis University

Creighton Rosental, University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Mike Rota, St. Louis University

Christina Van Dyke, Calvin College

Jim Wetzel, Colgate University

Thomas Williams, University of Iowa


Thursday, May 29






2:30-3:45Session 1: Jeff Brower, Purdue University

Anselm’s Metaethics and Moral Psychology


3:45-4:15 Break


4:15-5:45Session 2: Thomas Williams, University of Iowa

Anselm on Truth


7:00 Pizza at Scott MacDonald’s House (130 Sunset Drive)


Friday, May 30


9:00-10:15 Session 3: Bernd Goehring, Cornell University

Henry of Ghent on ‘species’ and ‘verbum’


10:15-10:45 Break


10:45-12:00 Session 4: Susan Brower-Toland, St. Louis University

Objects of Judgment Just Ain’t in the Head:

Wodeham’s Criticism of Ockham


12:00-1:30 Lunch


1:30-2:45 Session 5: Gary Matthews, Univ. of Massachsetts, Amherst

Two Arguments in Augustine for Mind-Body Dualism


2:45-3:00 Short break


3:00-4:15 Session 6: Jim Wetzel, Colgate University

Augustine’s Mythology of Sin


4:15-4:45 Break


4:45-6:00 Session 7:  Scott MacDonald, Cornell University

Petit Larceny and the Root of all Evils:

Augustine’s Theft of the Pears


7:15 Picnic at Stewart Park


Saturday, May 31


9:00-10:15 Session 8: Andrew Arlig, The Ohio State University

Abelard’s Mereology


10:15-10:45 Break


10:45-12:00 Session 9: Jeff Hause, Creighton University

Abelard on Degrees of Merit and Blame


12:00-1:30 Lunch


1:30-2:45 Session 10: Michael Gorman, Catholic University of America

Essence and the Essential-Accidental Distinction


2:45-3:00 Short break


3:00-4:15 Session 11: Colleen McCluskey, St. Louis University

Aquinas on Malicious Acts


4:15-4:45 Break


4:45-6:00 Session 12: Christina Van Dyke, Calvin  College

Disembodied Souls and Divine Intervention


7:00 Dinner at Hai Hong Chinese Restaurant (602 W. State St.–corner of State and Meadow)